Marketing Compliance Requirements Federal Republic of Germany

1 | Rootz Ltd. and its brands comply with all laws, regulations, and marketing requirements, including all relevant marketing rules arising of the Interstate-Treaty on Gambling 2021 (“ISTG 2021”) as well as of its virtual slot machine licence granted to it by the competent German regulator, namely by the state administration office Saxony-Anhalt, department 208 (Landesverwaltungsamt Sachsen-Anhalt, Abteilung 208 – “LVwA SA”). From 1st January 2021, the joint gambling authority of the German federal states (Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder – “GGL”) will be the competent regulator.

This further includes items from the gambling acts of the 16 German federal states, especially of Saxony-Anhalt, as well as any (commercial) communications and guidelines published by the relevant Authorities as necessary.

For the term of this Agreement, You shall comply with all advertising rules emanating from the ISTG 2021,the gambling acts of the 16 German federal states and any subordinate legislation and/or any communications and guidelines published by the relevant German gambling authorities, especially by the LVerwA SA or respectively by the GGL.

2 | As part of your obligation, You must ensure that your activities, namely your marketing and advertising activities, are not excessive, not wrong, not misleading – especially with regard to the possible winnings - and always socially responsible. Inter alia, the following advertising is considered as socially irresponsible:

  • Suggesting time pressure with regard to the possibility of participating in gambling.
  • Making gambling appear to be a commodity of everyday life.
  • Emphasising the benefits of gambling in an exclusive and one-sided manner.
  • Making doing without gambling appear pejorative or conveys that a participation in gambling promotes one's own social success.
  • Encouraging the recoupment of losses or reinvesting winnings.
  • Suggesting that participation in gambling may be a reasonable strategy to improve one's financial situation.
  • Conveying the notion that gambling may in particular counteract financial, social or psychosocial problems or making appear gambling as a solution for such problems.
  • Enticingly promising the prospect of winnings.

Moreover, Your marketing and advertising activities must not indicate that players may influence the outcome of the games of chance offered by the Rootz Ltd. Further, they must not be aimed at minors or comparably vulnerable target groups.

2.1 | You must ensure that all advertising and promotional material contain the following information without exception:

  • A unique symbol "18+" (or a message of type "No under 18 years"), visible at all times, informing users of the age requirement.
  • A responsible gaming message such as “Glücksspiel kann süchtig machen“, informing customers that gaming can be harmful if it is not controlled.
  • Reference to Rootz and its status of licensed operator, with link to the brand Webpage where relevant information can be acquired.
  • Reference to a provider-independent assistance offers, such as Die Landeskoordinierungstellen Glücksspielsucht or Check dein Spiel.
  • Reference to the Terms and Conditions.

These mandatory information should be shown into the respective means of communication in a clear, easily perceptible form and size, without being visually "lost" between other information.

3 | You may only provide links to and/or information on gambling offers from operators who are in possession of a corresponding permit in accordance with ISTG 2021 – thus, who are on the white-list downloadable here: Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder.

4 | All Your advertising content must be clearly marked as such. This does not apply to editorial content created by you on your own responsibility.

When users visit your website, a notice on Your remuneration in the event of a registration with us and/or other gambling operators shall appear in a clear, easily perceptible form and size. The duration of the display of this notice must be such that an average user is able to fully perceive this information.

5 | By agreeing to become a partner or an affiliate of Rootz, You confirm that You will conduct practices that are held to the highest ethical and socially responsible standards.

6 | In case of a breach of the foregoing provisions or of the Marketing Compliance provisions established in the Terms and Conditions of Use of, You undertake to pay a contractual penalty to Rootz in the amount of the fees, which Rootz has paid to you for your advertising services during the past 12 months (“Penalty”). Rootz reserves the right to demand the refund of damages exceeding this amount.