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The Rootz affiliate program allows you to earn a percentage of the net revenue on the players you refer to Rootz. Revenue share plans start at 25% for lower-volume affiliates and can grow to as much as 40% for large affiliates.

Your balance resets at the beginning of each month so you can quickly begin earning again if your referred customers had a lucky month. At the end of each month, negative balances are essentially zero balance. Even if one of your players wins many millions in a given month, you will never owe Rootz a single cent. The very next month your balance will reset and you can begin earning once again.

Less than €5,000
€5000 - €15,000
Over €30,000

Rootz Affiliates

Formed in 2018, Rootz is the award-winning team behind the popular online casino brands Wildz Casino, Caxino Casino, Wheelz Casino, Spinz Casino, and Chipz Casino.

The agile Rootz platform assures a next-level gaming experience by promising lightning-fast speeds, intelligent rewards and fully personalised playing environments for all.


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What is Rootz Affiliates?

Rootz Affiliates is the affiliate program of Wildz Casino, Caxino Casino, Wheelz Casino, Spinz Casino, and Chipz Casino. To earn money, sign up at Rootz Affiliates. Get up to 40% commission each month on revenue Rootz earns from your affiliated customers. Rootz Affiliates will provide you with everything you need to get started.

How does this work?

Once you register a Rootz Affiliate account, you will gain access to the Client Area where you will find marketing materials and links to post on your website, blog, or other marketing channels. When an individual registers at Rootz via your affiliate link, that customer is marked with your affiliate tag, and you earn a revenue share for the entire period that customer remains at Rootz. Should one of your referred customers play at Rootz for 20 years, you would receive affiliate income on that individual for a full two decades!

How much can I earn with Rootz Affiliates?

The amount of income you will receive corresponds with the volume of casino traffic you refer to Rootz:

   NET REVENUE1 (per month)       AFFILIATE INCOME   
Less than €5000 25%
€5000 – €15,000 30%
€15,000 – €30,000 35%
Over €30,000 40%

1 Net Revenue via your referred players

How and when do I get paid?

Each month, your commission is calculated based on the net revenue Rootz made off of your tagged players that month. When the previous month's affiliate revenue is calculated, generally by the 10th of each month, you will receive your affiliate payment via bank transfer or the Skrill e-wallet.

Affiliate revenue resets each month. For example, if one of your players hits a €1,000,0000 jackpot in January, your account would likely go into a negative commission. While you don't owe Rootz anything if your customer's revenue puts your balance below zero, you would not earn anything at the end of the month if your account is in a negative balance. However, in February, despite this massive January win of one million euros, your account will reset to 0, and you can begin earning again. Negative balances never carry over to the following month.

A minimum of €50 must be present in your account for Rootz to make a payment. If you earn less than €50 in any given month, that balance will carry over to the following month(s). Payments are processed once your account balance is €50 or larger at the end of any month.

We strive to process all monthly payments by the 15th of the following month.

How do I get started?

It's easy! To get started, visit Registration and sign up. Enter in some contact information, payment account information so you can get paid, and that's all you need to get started. Links, banners, and images are available at Rootz Affiliates for your convenience.

Please note that the affiliate management system is available in English only.

How much does it cost to join Rootz Affiliates?

Nothing. Registration is completely free and there are never any membership fees in Rootz Affiliates. Also, there are never any additional hidden fees or charges after you sign up. Payments at Rootz Affiliates only go in one direction, from Rootz to your bank or Skrill account.

To get started, Sign Up on this site to start earning.

I have another question that isn't covered here. Where can I find more information?

If you have a question that hasn't been covered in these FAQs, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly. Registered affiliates may contact their affiliate manager directly via the Client Area on Rootz Affiliates.


Rootz's energetic team is what makes the brand so special. We enjoy working with them because of the dedication and direction they provide. It is always a pleasure to work with such professional companies as Rootz, who can be relied on to increase the value of our brand.

Rootz provides numerous advantages, including a high-quality programme and reputable brands. They have a highly capable and experienced team that is always ready to work in close cooperation.

Kongebonus and Rootz have been partners for a long time. All the brands Wildz, Caxino, Spinz and Wheelz are converting very well in Norway and our community loves them. We are always receiving great support from our affiliate manager and payments are being paid out in a timely matter. Kongebonus can recommend Rootz to all Norwegian affiliates and to everyone else as well.

Launched in 2019, Rootz Affiliates has quickly risen to a top Tier 1 program that every serious affiliate site should be eager to add to its portfolio. A selection of excellent casino brands with high conversion rates and superb player retentions tools, a professional affiliate team and on-time payments every month are just some parts of the package that makes collaborating with them a real pleasure. Highly recommended!

Four outstanding gaming destinations in as many years. First Wildz surprised us with a stellar performance, then came Caxino followed by Wheelz and Spinz, all matching or even outdoing their older sibling. Needless to say, we are already looking forward to the launch of their next brands. The Rootz Affiliates program is just as much a shining star among its peers, offering competitive deals to suit the traffic a very motivated yet friendly team and, without fail, prompt commission payments every month.

We have been working with Rootz LTD since the beginning. Rootz has a very professional affiliate manager, and their world-class brands make cooperation very easy and rewarding. We look forward to seeing their new upcoming brands!

Rootz is one of the best casino providers on the market and working with the casino team is easy and professional. All the brands we promote have been successful, and especially the new pay n play casino Chipz is one of the best we have listed. We can warmly recommend this cooperation to everyone working in the casino industry!

CasinoUncle only lists and works with trusted sites and Rootz is definitely one of them. All the casinos that Rootz has launched have been hits and the latest pay n play casino called Chipz is one of the best that the casino market has to offer. The cooperation with the casino team has gone very well and we will also list all new casinos that are the work of that team in the future.

We are very happy to be able to work with rootz affiliates, their affiliate platform is top notch and their group of affiliate managers is one of the best we have had the pleasure of working with. Their new online casinos are amazing and so are the results! We recommend them!

Our partnership with Rootz has been very successful. Our players have only good things to say about their casinos - with great features, games, payment methods, and more. Their affiliate team is one of the most professional we've come across and have really helped to build such a successful partnership.

We've been promoting Rootz Ltd casinos to our Finnish players for many years now. They are one of our top partners. We've built a really solid relationship with their affiliate team who are easy to get in touch with. We highly recommend them to affiliates in Finland!

Rootz definitely offers the most interesting brands on the market - guaranteed quality with each one. We are happy to market these, because it is easy to work with good brands. The team is professional, and things are going well!

We at Casinos Analyzer have been working with RootzAffiliates for a while now and we can’t be happier. They provided us with all the necessary information we requested regarding their brand and best free slots. We consider their brands among the top Best Online Casinos. It's a pleasure to work with such a professional team!

We are truly happy to be working with Rootz. They are able to create the best converting brands over and over. If you have online traffic, you should work with them.

We have been working with Rootz ever since the beginning, and their brands are among the best in the industry. We can only recommend working with them.

Rootz have the best brands and the best player value. We are really happy that we started working with them because they are some of the absolute best in the industry.

Finding good partners is always important and with Rootz Affiliates, we at Nettikasinot24.com have found one. We have nothing but good things to say about Rootz Affiliates. This is how affiliates are supposed to work.

We at Kasinolinna.com are excited about working with Rootz Affiliates. With great brands, great bonuses for the players and a very nicely working affiliate team in place, we can absolutely recommend them to other affiliates. Two thumbs up from Kasinolinna.com

It is such a pleasure to be working with Rootz! They offer a very good service, with an amazing affiliate team. I’m looking forward to continuing with this partnership.

We are happy to be working with Rootz, their brands is really performing well for our core markets. Looking forward to see how this will turn into a fruitful partnership for both parties. We can truly recommend working with Rootz if you have online traffic.

Being a sportsbook affiliate mainly we also have a small section on the site which is called online casinos, here we have a small selection of handpicked casinos which we promote. The brands from RootzAffiliates was a natural choice in this section.

If you appreciate timely and guaranteed payments, great communication and broad portfolio of brands, we can highly recommend Rootz Affiliates. They have an amazing staff and good attention to detail.

We are so happy to be working with Rootz Affiliates and their great affiliate managers who are always helpful and engaged in our performance. And on top of that, their brands are among the best converting brands we’ve ever experienced!

Our experiences with Rootz Affiliates have been nothing but remarkable! Their customer service is top-notch - always friendly, responsive and eager to help. Not only that, their partnership has proven invaluable for our business success. Highly recommended by us!

Our cooperation with Rootz Affiliates is amazing. We have very good conversion and results in the Finnish market. Our minimitalletuskasinot.com team highly recommends working with Rootz Affiliates.

The Rootz affiliates team has been beyond helpful, and have provided huge support in helping us to bring their brand to our players. We are proud to say we can wholeheartedly recommend them as a partner, and look forward to a long and reliable relationship with Rootz.

Rootz Affiliates is a top-tier partner for any affiliate in the iGaming industry. Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality brands and an easy-to-use affiliate program with detailed reporting. They offer transparent communication, timely payouts, and dedicated support, making it easy for affiliates to monitor their performance and enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership.

Working with Rootz Affiliates has been a game-changer for me. Their professional team has gone above and beyond to provide me with the best brands in the iGaming industry. Their affiliate program is user-friendly, and the detailed reporting has helped me to track my performance effectively. Their transparent communication, timely payouts, and dedicated support are unmatched.

Working with Rootz Affiliates and their professional & responsive team is a pleasure. Any affiliate who wants to promote quality brands that perform well should sign up here right away.

As long-standing affiliates in the online gaming industry, we've had the pleasure of partnering with numerous platforms, but our experience with Rootz Affiliates truly stands out. Their dedication to promoting Wildz Casino, especially after obtaining their German License, has been nothing short of exceptional. From the beginning, Rootz Affiliates has shown a high level of professionalism and commitment to our mutual success. Their highly responsive and knowledgeable team has been consistently available to provide support, ensuring that our partnership runs smoothly and effectively.

In conclusion, we highly recommend Rootz Affiliates to any affiliate looking for a reliable and lucrative partnership in the online gaming industry. Our collaboration with them has been a key driver of our growth and success, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership

We are confident about our association with Rootz and the Wildz brand in New Zealand. With such great conversion rates, we anticipate authentic value through our collaboration with our preferred New Zealand partners and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship that delivers meaningful traffic volumes going forward.

We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with Rootz Affiliates. Their brand, Wildz, has been a huge hit among players, and the team's support has been exceptional. Highly recommended!

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At SociosCasino, we are extremely grateful for our partnership with Rootz Affiliates in the igaming market. Their expertise and knowledge of the industry have been instrumental in helping us achieve great results. They are always willing to go above and beyond for their partners and are dedicated to delivering exceptional service at every step. We highly recommend Rootz Affiliates as trusted partners for anyone looking to grow their presence in the online gaming industry.

GambleGuys are posting only the best online casinos and Rootz brands are definitely among the most trusted and reliable ones! We anticipate building a successful partnership.

We have been working with Rootz Affiliates for a long time and have been very satisfied with this cooperation. Their traditional casinos alongside their no-registration casinos are the best on the market, contracts are flexible and communication is swift. We can recommend their services to everyone.

Working with Rootz have always been great. Their brands are all fantastic and are performing very well across all our markets. The Affiliate team at Rootz are always friendly and helpful, making everything simple and smooth.

Working with Rootz affiliates has been an absolute pleasure. They're a great team and we can't wait to do more business! Fantastic customer support, a great games portfolio and payment options as well as an affiliate team that goes above and beyond.

Working with Rootz Affiliates has been nothing but satisfactory. We've only just recently teamed up, but I couldn't be more happy about how things are going so far!

Working with Rootz Affiliates has been an excellent experience so far. The services they have provided us with are truly exceptional. All their marketing tools deliver incredible value. The team's dedication and professionalism have helped us promote their brand even better. Any time we faced an issue, the team was ready to help us with effective support, which is a testament to a high-quality affiliate program.

We're thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Rootz Affiliates. Their team's expertise, quick communication, and commitment to our success have been impressive right from the start. With a diverse portfolio of high-performing brands and innovative marketing strategies, Rootz Affiliates has laid a strong foundation for our partnership in the competitive iGaming industry. We look forward to a prosperous and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Our partnership with Rootz Affiliates is off to an encouraging start. Their professional team, rapid responses, and industry knowledge are already guiding us in the right direction. Rootz Affiliates offers a range of top-performing brands and a fresh approach to marketing in the iGaming sector. We're excited about the potential and growth that awaits in our partnership. - Mason Jones - Editor-in-Chief

Starting our collaboration with Rootz Affiliates is an exciting move for our affiliate business. Their unwavering commitment to our success, along with their quick communication and industry insights, are already making a positive impact. With Rootz Affiliates as our strategic partner, we have the resources and support necessary to thrive in this competitive landscape. We're genuinely enthusiastic about the bright future of our partnership with Rootz Affiliates.

We had a great experience working with Rootz Affiliates. Their affiliate platform is excellent, and their team is one of the best we’ve worked with. Their online casinos are fantastic, and we’re thrilled with the results. We highly recommend them!

Striking a deal with Rootz affiliates was the easiest decision ever for Slotsoo. Well established brands with great offers and player retention. Very proud to be working with them. 10/10 recommendation from us!

Choosing Rootz Affiliates as our partner has been a strategic move that continues to pay off. Their responsible approach to affiliate marketing ensures that we can confidently promote their casino slots, knowing our players are in good hands. Their support is a standout feature, providing us with the assistance we need whenever it's required.

Rootz Affiliates is committed to building long-lasting partnerships with its affiliates, providing them with an affiliate program that offers excellent earning potential to its partners. Furthermore, the program features a high-quality brands, which offers players an exceptional gaming experience.

We're thrilled with our collaboration with Rootz Affiliates. Their converting brands, wide market selection, and exclusive bonuses exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended for their attentive team and responsive affiliate program!

We are very glad that we have started our partnership with Rootz Affiliates. They have a selection of great brands with many exclusive features. We are currently promoting Wildz, Spinz and Wheelz and these brands really stand out from the crowd. Their affiliate team is also very responsive and eager to help. We really recommend them!

It has been a great partnership working with Rootz over the last year. They offer an excellent commission model and the affiliate manager is always ready to assist in any way. We look forward to many more years together!

Teaming up with Rootz Affiliates has been an absolute blast for us at Kapoow. Together, we've brought a whole new level of excitement to our platform. Our partnership is smooth sailing, and our joint dedication to delivering excellence is clear in every aspect of our work. Working alongside Rootz Affiliates has been incredibly rewarding, and we're pumped to continue growing and innovating together!

We are happy to start our partnership with Rootz affiliates . They offer solid & high converting casino brands, great support from professional & experienced affiliate managers especially Andrea. Furthermore, they have granular and clear & fair commission plan are just a few advantages to mention. Highly recommended.

We just started our partnership with Rootz and the signup and support has been amazing so far. We're looking forward to a long and profitable partnership with Rootz as their casino affiliate!

The support and guidance provided by Rootz affiliates' team have been exceptional, offering invaluable assistance whenever we've needed it. What's truly remarkable, however, is the outstanding conversion rate we've witnessed. It's been the cornerstone of our success, driving significant growth and enabling us to surpass our targets.