How to Find Your Favourite Slot

With thousands of online casino slots titles available, it can take a while to find a game that suits your preferred style of play. Each theme may have hundreds of options to choose from. Finally, when you do find a title that grabs you, you can enjoy it for a while and then completely forget what the name of the slot is. That leaves you with another game challenge: find the slot! Here are some pointers that may help you become a super detective when it comes to tracking games at your go-to online casino.

The one with the pig in it

Pig-themed slots are incredibly popular, since the pig as a symbol generally represents wealth and good fortune. There are many different pig slots available, featuring piggy characters in different shapes, styles and contexts. Let's say you somehow found a pig-themed slot you enjoyed playing, but then turned off the game and walked away - how can you find the same game again? In this case, pigs are just being used as an example - you could replace the word "pig" with the word vampire, wolf or sweets and be left with the same challenge.

reel shot

There are a couple of ways you can go about tracking that slot down again:

Game lobby

Online casinos like Wildz usually have a game lobby where you can find all the games, often in categories such as Popular, Promotions, Jackpot Games or any other category created by that casino. This can be a pretty useful way of finding a game, especially if the game promotion was emailed to you (check those old emails, too!). Depending on the category, you may be able to track it down in those sections, which usually come with links and thumbnail images of the games.

The ABCs of game hunting

An A - Z of games hosted on a particular online casino is a common feature, a great way to track down a game, but only if it starts with the letter you're looking for. A search under the letter P is perfect if you're looking for Piggy Gold but not so useful if the game you're after is Great Pigsby Megaways, unless the A-Z has a search bar.

Knowing your way around an online casino platform can take the pain out of searches. You might be surprised to find clickable search menus and more, usually in the columns on the left or right of the homepage. Casinos want to make it as easy as possible for you, so the GAMES menu is often next to the REGISTER/LOGIN tabs. Drag your mouse (or finger on mobile) to see if text is responsive, showing that there's a link. There could be a games search facility you never knew existed!


Knowing that a pig, for example, featured in the game as the primary character is useful, since it means that the word pig is probably in the title. Using the search bar with the keyword pig will bring up all the games with piggy titles. In the case of Wildz Casino, that comes to 23 game options. Hopefully, you'll find your target among them.

Having a few alternative words to search for can be handy, too. You don't need to be a walking thesaurus, but most of us will know that the word swine is a piggy alternative. Let's say you played a vampire-themed game, but it doesn't come up under the search term vampire: that's when you can put other words into the search bar, like Dracula, fangs or blood, for example. A selection of similar games will appear, to help you broaden your search.

The internet is your friend

If you still can't find the game you're looking for, you may need to become an online sleuth and track it down via your preferred internet search engine. You'll probably need a couple of search term options handy to get there, but this could be your lucky day. Use the words slot and review in your search along with your keyword pig and any other clues you can remember: slot review pig top hat, for example.

When searching like this on the internet, always make sure you only visit reputable casino sites and don't click on links if you aren't sure.

A final word

Games come and go, and there's a chance that the game you're looking for may have been removed from your online casino site, for some reason. Despite your best efforts, that game may have just vanished... The good news is that there are thousands of other superb games waiting to be discovered, so find your next favourite title (and this time, maybe write down the name in a notebook!).

Something to think about: if there isn't a vampire pig slot around already, there should be! Count Porkula, perhaps?

Good luck, and happy searching.